Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Surgery Done

Surgery is done! It was on Monday. Can't write alot today because I have a bandaid on my finger and it's causing me trouble typing.

Just letting everybody know all is good. I got home from the hospital today about 10 am, after spending the night. I've been mildly hungry a couple times, but fixed easily by a couple teaspoons of food. Of course I'm in stage two eating. Mushies for the next week.

I have some pictures to post that will be my "before" pics. I also have some of my belly and the scar. I got to be the first to get the new machine for my surgery, so I have one scar just above my belly button, it's about 1.75 inches long, and one tiny one just below the middle of my breasts. (or, where they would be if I had them)

Dr. Yarbrough says that the little one won't be a scar really. It's about the size of a large needle being poked in, rather than an incision.

So that's all for now, more tomorrow when I take off this darn bandaid.

Current weight: 256 lbs.

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